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We work for our partners with trust and transparency in all we do, and thereby acquire common knowledge that allows transaction of business to mutual benefit.

About us

DryTank.dk will aim to be world specialists within biomass transport, and will endeavor to acquire deep knowledge of the new biomas trade lanes.

DryTank Shipping A/S founded in the year 1971, The company’ core competence was in the areas of refrigerated cargo, bulk cargo, and tankers, as well as today, being clearing agent for local Scandinavian trampers calling Danish Ports. Jan Mayland re-founded DryTank.dk, on basis of need of a broker vehicle for his biomass company E-Co2 (link) and the company’s core business revolves shipping of Wood Pellets, Logs, lumber and Wood Chips.

This homepage will be a place for knowledge when shipping Biomass and shall be used to display facts from experience. FOLLOW US.


The new groundbreaking Biomass ship UD-FOV is designed by DryTank.dk and will be the most economical and CO2 friendly Biomass transport ship ever seen on international waters.

Date of delivery 4 q 2018