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DryTank is focusing on making the world greener
and CO2 Neutral by optimizing transport chains,
cargo intake, ship design.

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Our Services

Transport of Biomass, Wood and LOGS

Optimizing cargo intake on ships


We will assist you in correct and safe transport of Biomass also those Biomass not listed with the IMO – IMSBC codes.

We help you with stowage factors and conversion to Energy contents.

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No project is too big or too small

The necessity of a broker house specializing in biomass was evident and needed. Due to the complex calculations required transforming a freight to an energy equivalent cost depending on factors inside a biomass, the partners of E-Co2 was in need of high logistic knowledge and a contact with profound knowledge in the mechanics of biomass – hence DryTank.dk was established.

DryTank.dk will aim to be world specialists within biomass transport, and will endeavor to acquire deep knowledge of the various trade lanes.

This homepage will be a place for knowledge when shipping Biomass and shall be used to gather facts from experience.

DryTank.dk is a member of Danish Shipbrokers and Port Operators under umbrella of membership in Danish Industries and DryTank.dk is therefore subject to strict rules of conduct, designed to generate utmost confidence to all our clients and business associates.

DryTank.dk are specialist in chartering and stowage of ships within WOODY Biomass and WOOD in general.

DryTank.dk provides logistic optimization together with its client and with DryTank.dk affiliate E-CO2, to arrive to a competitive CIF price for a sale of biomass.

DryTank.dk has knowledge in stowage factors of biomass onboard a ship and assist in conversion of freight to energy (Giga Joule) cost for a Biomass stowed onboard.

DryTank.dk provides its client with a charterparty that is specially adjusted for the clients trade.

DryTank.dk provides cargo and or ship insurance services including Charterers Liability insurances.

DryTank.dk follows market of freights in different European short sea trades.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest projects

Port of Helsingore

In October 2020, DryTank had its first Biomass ship in the Port of Helsingore, the largest ship discharged there. Several calls is booked during the winter 2020-2021.

Land cable onboard to avoid noise and smoke at berth

A requirement from the port, and the Energy Plant using the Biomass, was use of land power to the ship to avoid noise and smoke at berth. The pier is situated in the very center of Helsingore close to the World Heritage Castle, The Kronborg,

Owners pre-installed, based on vessels 50hz power requirement, a land cable onboard and when vessel arrived we could plug in the vessel and lie at berth during discharge without smoke and noise to the benefit of the city’s inhabitants.

Dry and preferably hydrophobic Biomass

The Powerplant Group Skellefteå Kraft AB in Sweden called DryTank.dk affiliate E-Co2

in winters 2017-2018-2019 where there was a shortage of Biomass for their plant and they needed quick a Dry and preferably hydrophobic Biomass to mix with their wetter wood.

We’ve been in shipping
for 50 Years

DryTank Shipping A/S founded in the year 1971. DryTank was a Danish based shipping broker company founded by C. W. Nordenboege. The company’s core competence was in the areas of dry cargo, refrigerated cargo, bulk cargo, and tankers, and foremostclearing agent for local Scandinavian trampers calling Danish Ports.


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How can we help you

Since the start in 2010 DryTank.dk we have focused on transport of various Biomass, Wood and LOGS, and constantly working optimizing intake on the cargo ships we engage. We use great effort in screening for Biomass trade to optimize cargo flow and the final pricing of the goods..
As buyers

Through E-CO2 we can screen for biomass and logs, combined with shipping we make a competitive price  and apart from making the trade document we ensure that the charter with the ship coordinate with the trade transaction in the by us made charterparty. The Charterparty for the trade is made by DryTank.dk during the negotiation with the shipowners. We have made a dedicated Biomass Charterparty used multiple times withseveral buyers and sellers.

As sellers

Through E-CO2 we have a vast entrance to direct buyers of Biomass of various kind, and through knowledge we can guide. Apart from making the trade document we ensure charter party coordinate, the safety documentation is in order (As several type biomasses are not listed in the IMO -IMSBC) and that the ship and class and flag state is approved for carriage of sellers cargo. Charterparty for the trade is made by DryTank.dk during the negotiation with the shipowners. We have made a dedicated Biomass Charterparty used multiple times with several buyers and sellers.

Sudden shortage of supply
We keep records of availability of Biomass and wood ready for shipment, we can guide fairly quick, and set in motion a transport and give a fast estimate on cost and time lines.
We provide immediate response and guidance to you of the current market when you wish.
We provide with pricing of goods and trend the of market, shipping market developments, energy costs, stowage, supercargo service, port negotiations, optimizing stowage, logistics, analysis of trade, ship design and much more,
Quality and prices
Depending on the quality of the biomass required such as, burn values, type of wood, chip size, LOGS required we can guide from a vast base of direct suppliers, and more so coordinate freight and all together arrive to a cost of ENERGY content on a CIF basis.
How do we work together
We offer all our knowledge at your disposal being contacts to sellers or buyers, shipowners or ports, surveyors or insurance and other eg. legal consulting, paperwork and so forth as if we are part of your organization, – We work in trust and transparency with all we do with all our clients. And before we enter into a cooperation with you, we do a due diligence, we agree a simple remuneration package well understood to both parties, big or small trade is irrelevant. And thereafter the full knowledge and network from our side is at your disposal through our office. We offer much more than a brokerhouse


“Skellefteå Kraft AB had no experience in Importing from outside Baltics and elected E-CO2 / DryTankdue to a long relationship, where we have been involved in Several Projects together with Skellefteå Kraft AB to their satisfaction.”

Skellefteå Kraft AB

We have been working closely with DryTank in the past 3 years and have shipped over 25 cargoes that all went seamless with good close proactive cooperation making bringing ships to customers like precise clockwork.”


DryTank.dk will aim to be world specialists within biomass transport, and will endeavor to acquire deep knowledge of the new biomas trade lanes.

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